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Tim Halloran


Hi I'm Tim Halloran and this is my website. A few years ago I was working as a stuntman, driving up and down the country in the UK, working on films and television programs. Checkout my IMDB page here. 

Work was sporadic, and most of the time I was out of work. This meant I had to take a number of jobs to pay the bills when the phone wasn't ringing for the stunt work.

In my 20's this was an exciting career. But by the time I was in my late 30's things didn't seem so rosy! Most of my friends were buying houses and getting married and I still felt as though I was waiting for things to start happening in my stunt career.

So I looked for an alternative income source which allowed me to work in my own time and earn an independent income. Juggling jobs around the stunt work was exhausting and most part time and casual work I found was low paid. So I never really got ahead financially, no matter how hard I worked!

I found a mentor through the Launch You program and learned how marketers could earn an income through selling other people's products and services online. With a job, you are always limited as to what you can earn since there's only so much time in any given day. So whatever your salary is, it's always dependent on your turning up again and again. If you stop turning up to a job, you stop getting paid!

But an online business is different. You can build your income around your lifestyle, rather than the other way round. Selling products online instead of trading your time for money in a job removes the relationship between time and money. So you can leverage the internet to generate money even while you sleep!

I love earning from the internet because it allows me to prioritise my lifestyle and spend time doing the things which are important to me. So many of use compromise this because we are tied to an employment, trading all our precious time away in a job we would otherwise not do if it wasn't for the money it affords.


To inspire, educate and encourage others to create more freedom and passion in their lives through self growth and education and generating an income online. 


You can construct your own reality; a life by your own design. Living in a place of flow and purpose makes life joyful and meaningful. My vision is to inspire and educate others to empower themselves in the creation of greater personal power and fulfilment.


Personal power and the journey to it is its own reward. My purpose is to encourage and help others on the journey towards greater personal power, freedom and fulfilment through a growing awareness of limiting beliefs, thoughts and contradicting intentions hidden within us. 


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