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Are you ready to quit 9 to 5 job? Or perhaps you have some doubts? If you hate your job but need the money you have a small problem. Just remember that some people are desperate to be miserable in a 9 to 5 job just like yours! In fact, they’re probably queuing up to replace you! If not people then the robots are!

Although perhaps they will eventually reach the point you have where the money just doesn’t replace the hole where your soul used to be! If you’re ready to quit your 9 to 5 job, hang on. You need a longer term plan than just quitting, unless you have gone past the point of no return. Sometimes quitting is the best thing you can do. The feeling of quitting a job is something I remember well. It was almost worth the hell of a job just so I could quit! But of course quitting doesn’t pay the rent or the mortgage, if you have one.

Swapping the problem of a miserable job for being broke is sometimes worth it! Being broke makes you resourceful and there’s plenty of time in the day when you’re not working to plan something or find something new. But it’s far better to have a plan, if you can stick it out for a while longer. Having a plan gives you something to focus on rather than how bad your job makes you feel. Plus, while you have an income from a job, you can arrange your finances to better prepare for eventually leaving.

Quit 9 To 5 Job – Get A 5 Year Plan

Just the sound of the “5 year plan” would send me scurrying off back in my 20’s and 30’s. I didn’t know what I would be doing in a week, let alone a year or 5. But planning an escape from 9 to 5 is a good thing if you want to escape 9 to 5 permanently.

Don’t quit a job only to need another one in a few weeks. You’re out of the frying pan into the fire. This was my pattern when I was in my 20’s! But once you have collected some responsibilities in life it’s very different. Here’s some of the things you can do to build your way out of a 9 to 5 job:

  • Create an inventory of your spending – this helps you focus on what you waste money on so you can stop it.
  • Get rid of debt – Debt will keep you trapped forever if you don’t do something about it. Find a debt help organisation such as StepChange.org. If you’re in debt you’re spending money just on what you owe.
  • Lose the bling – what props are you using for your fragile ego? Nice car, watch etc? Sell up and use the money to pay off debt and build your new future.
  • Quit the expensive habits – I used to spend all my money on drinking and smoking – and just wasted the rest! Seriously though you can spend a fortune on habits which will kill you eventually both financially and physically. See also money habits of the wealthy.

Taking charge of your spending is liberating and empowering. You should find that you can release some money just by taking an inventory of your spending and consolidating debt. Once you’re out of debt, set up an automatic payment into a savings account and don’t touch it. Think of that money as your “escape 9 to 5” fund!

Build Another Income Stream On Top Of The Job

Whatever ways there are to make money aside from a 9 to 5 job, you’ll find that having money helps tremendously. Without it, everything is more difficult and particularly building an online business will be too. If you throw the job away, you’ll put yourself back from the longer term plan of completely escaping employment for good!

One of the best business models available today is called affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a business model in which people get paid for referring customers to products and services online. You don’t need any products or services of your own to make money online. But you do need to invest some time and money in learning the skill of online selling.

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quit 9 to 5 job

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